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Saturday workshops from 11am - 3pm in Bath, UK

 (eat before and after the workshop, as we will only have a short coffee break)

cost : 25.00 each, or book two workshops for 40.00

   please note that booking finishes one week before each workshop for admin



  workshops for born women 

          These workshops will include a shrine, discussion, illustrated talks, visualisation and creative work

                you don't need to be an artist, songwriter or dancer - no previous experience is neccessary.     


WINTER 2017 - 2018


November 4th : The Old Woman of Seven Cradles

This workshop looks at primal Fate Goddesses such as the Ostian & Vogul Goddess Vagnegimi, "old woman of seven cradles", the Fata Scribundi "writing women", the Norns, the Moerae, and Nemesis, who holds the Wheel of Life and the Ash Wand. We will also work with the grandmothers who weave the ties of human relationships, and create a small weaving to honour the ties of our own.


December 2nd : Tara, The Imovable Star

Tara is a very ancient Star Goddess, found in India, Tibet, Russia, Mongolia, Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland, the Middle East, and South America. Patricia Monaghan describes Her in Her Maiden form, as "a Goddess of Compassion, and a Celestial Boat Woman, ferrying Her people across from a world of delusion to that of knowledge". We will each create a guiding star for connection to Tara, to place on the Midwinter Tree.




10th February : Isis, Goddess of Love, Beauty & Truth

The Egyptian Goddess Isis, Goddess of 10,000 Names, was adopted by the Greeks and Romans as a Universal Goddess. She has an ancient temple in London. There has been a recent move to make Her Sacred Name unspeakable. The aim of this workshop is to create a group ritual with the intention of purifying and re-sanctifying the Name of Isis, and to ask for Her love & protection in Britain, and the wider world. 


10th March : The Three Muses

Originally there were Three Muses -  Daughters of Urania - Melete, Muse of Meditation, Mneme, Muse of Memory and Aoede, Muse of Song. By another name they surely inspire the culture of the Kuna women who 'sing the images' . Matriarchal societies have an oral culture to this day. We will meditate with the Muses to inspire memory, so that we may create images, poems and songs.




12th May : Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

Originating among the Libyan Amazons as a Serpent Goddess, Athene travelled, via Crete and Mycenae, to Athens. She is the Daughter of Metis, Goddess of Wise Counsel. and emerged from the head of Her Mother, as Wisdom. She was later appropriated by the invading Hellenes. With the help of Athena, we will map the wisdom and power of our own womanhood and of women's culture.


16th June : Saule, Goddess of the Sun

Women's folk songs - the dāinos - describe the Baltic Sun Goddess, Saule, as 'richly dressed in golden clothing and a golden shawl and crown... pouring out light from her jug'. We will look at some of the women's dāinos, passed down through the centuries, as well as other Sun Goddesses, and create our own songs and crowns for midsummer. Bring a shawl to wear that makes you feel most energised and happy. 




11th August : Hainuwele, Dancing Goddess

Hainuwele emerged from the leaves of a coconut tree. She led the world's first ritual dance, before She descended into the earth. From the place of Her descent grew food plants, which sustained the people in the Indonesian island of Ceram. We will look at the power of dance, try out some ritual dances and steps, and then create our own group dance, with steps chosen by each woman.


29th September : Olwedd, Crane Goddess

Olwedd is an ancient Brittonic/Cymraeg Goddess who holds the Koelbren tree sprigs of divination. She brings newborn babies and places them under the gooseberry bush of incarnation, and Her Sacred Womb is the Crane Bag of Power. We will meditate on the images of the Koelbren, and ask Olwedd to  give us the symbol of our own individual quality of power, so that we may create our own bags.